Dog Having Problems During Delivery? 3 Signs It Might Be Vaginal Prolapse

If your dog is about to give birth, you need to be aware of vaginal prolapse – a potentially dangerous situation that can occur shortly after delivery. While it doesn't happen often, when it does, it quickly becomes a medical emergency. With vaginal prolapse, the uterus continues to contract after all of the puppies have been delivered. When that happens, the uterus eventually turns inside out and spills out of the vaginal cavity. [Read More]

2 Reasons To Take Your Puppy To The Vet Soon After Adopting It

For many people, adopting a new puppy is an exciting event. However, it is important to make sure that your new canine companion is healthy. Here are a few reasons to take your puppy to the vet soon after you adopt it: Vaccinations Often, when you adopt a puppy, many of its shots have not yet been administered. In some cases, when a puppy is offered for free due to its mother's unexpected pregnancy, the puppy may not have received any medical attention. [Read More]

4 Things Chinchilla Owners Need to Know About Fur Chewing

Fur chewing, also known as barbering, is an abnormal behavior seen among pet chinchillas. Affected animals overgroom either their own fur or a cagemate's fur, which destroys the appearance of the fur. Here are four things chinchilla owners need to know about fur chewing. What are the signs of fur chewing? If your chinchilla is engaging in this abnormal behaviour, you'll notice that their fur looks patchy. The patchy areas tend to look darker than the rest of the coat because the chewing exposes the darker underfur that isn't usually visible. [Read More]

Adopting A Dog And First Time Owning One? Watch Out For These Dangerous Foods

If you are adopting a dog and this is the first time you have owned a dog, you may not know a lot about them. One thing you should know is what you should not feed them. Even though there are some human foods you can give them, there are others that are dangerous. Keep reading so you can keep your new dog happy and healthy. Chocolate Chocolate is dangerous for your dog because it contains a substance called methylxanthines. [Read More]