Pet Grooming Tips: A Guide For New Dog Owners

Regularly grooming your dog can do him a world of good and help keep him neat and happy. Taking some time to gently brush your dog's hair can offer you a chance to check for subtle changes to your pet's skin, so you can identify any rashes or pest infestations early on. Tooth brushing, nail trimming and washing the dog's ears and hair can also help prevent a host of unpleasant health problems. [Read More]

Veterinary Care: When To Seek A Second Opinion

If your pet is sick, you want a diagnosis quickly. Sometimes, however, the diagnosis or treatment options that your pet's vet comes up with may make you feel uneasy or unsure. While you can seek a second opinion for your pet whenever you want, the below three situations call for an immediate second opinion and treatment should not proceed without one. The Diagnosis is Rare   While rare illnesses certainly do occur, it's always best to get a second opinion. [Read More]

What Can Happen If You Feed Your Pet Your Holiday Feasts?

Many pet owners want their pets to feel like a part of the action at the holidays. They give their pets gifts, dress their pets up in sweaters and Santa hats, and they even feed their pets from the holiday feast. Knowing what can happen if you decide to feed your pet people food at the holidays can impact the precautions you take to protect your pet. What can happen if you feed your pet your holiday feasts? [Read More]

Avoiding Holiday Pet Emergencies: What You Need To Know About Holiday Foods

With the holiday season approaching, you're probably busy planning seasonal parties and family gatherings. There are going to be plenty of opportunities to indulge in some mouth-watering treats. Since this time of year is the season of giving, it may be difficult not to share your food with your household pet. Here are a few things you need to know about popular holiday food staples: 1. Turkey Turkey is a common staple at the dinner table, and your four-legged friend is probably going to be begging for some. [Read More]