Mangy Dogs: What Should You Do?

Of all the conditions that dogs can get, mange may be one of the most repugnant. Mange on a dog not only makes the dog suffer terribly, it frightens humans and often keeps them from approaching the animal because it can cause baldness and crusty skin. If you own a dog with mange or encounter one during your daily activities, there are certain steps you need to take to help them recover. [Read More]

Common Senior Dog Problem Or Something More? When To Take Your Older Dog To The Vet

When you are the owner of a senior dog, you may find yourself constantly wondering if your dog's behaviors or health issues are simply a sign of their old age or if they are something worthy of a trip to the veterinary clinic. Telling the difference can be difficult when your dog seems to suddenly become a senior without warning. Get to know a few of the common symptoms of aging in dogs and variations of those symptoms that could require a trip to the veterinarian for treatment and testing. [Read More]

Does Your Dog Have A Urinary Tract Infection?

Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, can occur in both male and female dogs. So, as a dog owner, it's important that you know the symptoms of this problem and what to do if you think your dog may have a UTI.  Symptoms of a UTI Dogs who have UTIs often have difficulty urinating. Your dog may appear to be straining when he or she urinates, or they may yelp or whine when urinating. [Read More]

Does Your Dog Have Anxiety? 4 Signs To Watch Out For

There are a lot of things in this world that can cause your dog anxiety—a rolling thunderstorm, neighborhood festivities, separation from their family members, etc. Some dogs are even fearful and anxious when there really isn't an apparent cause. They just seem to have a nervous disposition. Anxiety is horrible for your dog to live with, but it's also hard for you to deal with. Chronic anxiety can cause behavioral issues that are hard to deal with and even harder to break. [Read More]