Easter Dangers For Your Pets

Easter can present a variety of dangers to your pet from seemingly innocuous sources. However, with mindfulness and vigilance, you can keep your pets safe while allowing them to join in the festivities and excitement. Physical and psychological dangers Your dog may normally be gregarious and happy when a small number of friends come to visit, but may experience stress when confronted by a large family gathering or a steady influx of visitors. [Read More]

Why You Should Always See A Vet If Your Cat Has Gone Without Food Or Water

Whether your cat has been locked up in a neighbor's garage, hasn't had an appetite, or ran out of water while you were away at home, you should take your cat to a vet right away. Some pet parents decide that if their cat seems to be okay and that the cat isn't starving to death or clearly dehydrated, they'll be fine. However, the truth is, even brief periods of time without food or water and seriously harm a cat's health. [Read More]

What You Should Know About Your Dog And The Canine Flu

Winter is a season that many people recognize as being high risk for communicable diseases like colds and the different flu strains. However, what many pet owners may not realize is the same elevated risk can apply to their dogs as well. Get to know more about the canine flu and how you can keep your dog safe and healthy throughout the flu season. By learning about treatments and prevention, you can be sure to provide your dog with the care that they need whether they contract the canine flu or not. [Read More]

Golden Retriever Suffering With Arthritis? 3 Ways You Can Help It

If you have a golden retriever, it is a good candidate for arthritis. If your dog is suffering from this disease, it is difficult to watch them in so much pain. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help make it feel better. Follow the three tips below, and your dog will be acting like its old self again in no time. Exercise Even though your golden retriever is in pain, they should still exercise. [Read More]