Maturity Before Mischief: Reasons To Adopt An Adult Dog Instead Of A Puppy

Out of the approximate 3.9 million dogs that enter animal shelters each year across America, less than half are adopted out. As prospective dog owners browse the shelters in search of a new furry family member, few can resist the innocent, youthful eyes and playful antics of a puppy. The cute factor that puppies exude results in many hopeful adult dogs being left behind. If you are on a quest for a canine companion, consider some of the benefits of adopting an adult dog. [Read More]

Dentistry with Anesthesia: The Right Pairing for Your Pet's Oral Health Care

Veterinary practices are successfully anesthetizing patients almost every day to perform spays, neuters, mass removals and other surgical procedures. When it comes to dental procedures, however, many owners are inquiring about anesthesia-free dentistry for their pets. While some of these owners are seeking to minimize the cost of the procedure, most of them voice concerns that reflect their fears of potential anesthetic dangers. Understanding why a dental procedure cannot be performed without anesthesia and what veterinarians can do to maximize the safety of anesthesia in your cat or dog will enable you to make a confident decision when it comes to scheduling your pet's dental procedure. [Read More]

Tips For Better Dog Dental Care

Most dog owners are highly attuned to their dogs' barks, but often tend to overlook their pet's dental hygiene. Neglecting your dog's oral health can lead to a host of problems, including bad breath, broken teeth or periodontal disease that leads to premature tooth loss. A visit to the vet every few months can help keep most problems at bay and ensure your dog's pearly whites are strong and shiny. [Read More]

5 Reasons Why You Should Neuter Your Dog

If you recently got a dog or are thinking about adopting one, you have to decide whether or not you will neuter him. Neutering involves surgically removing your dog's testicles and comes with several benefits. Here are five good reasons why you should neuter your dog: It Can Prevent Testicular Cancer Seminomas, sertoli cell tumors and interstitial cell tumors are the three kinds of testicular tumors male dogs can get, according to Pet Education. [Read More]