3 Things You Should Do Before You Board Your Cat

Boarding your cat at a kennel means your kitty will have a safe and secure place to stay while you're away from home. However, most kennels have requirements you must fulfill before they'll allow your cat to stay there. These safety measures are taken in order to protect your cat and all the other cats who stay at the kennel. This guide will quickly explain what you need to make sure your cat is accepted by a kennel and remains healthy, too.

So, Your Cat Has Acid Reflux

If your vet has informed you that your cat's symptoms of weight loss, pain during swallowing, and spitting up food are due to acid reflux, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind. Learning a but more about the causes and treatments for this condition will ensure you can manage your cat's condition properly. What is acid reflux? You may have heard of acid reflux in humans -- it's the same thing in cats.

3 Tips For Taking In A Stray Dog

Did you recently find a stray dog in or around your neighborhood? Are you thinking of keeping the dog as a pet? Giving a stray dog a good home can be a very loving act and it may end up bringing both you and the dog much happiness. However, before you integrate the dog into your home and your family, it's important that you make sure the dog is safe, healthy, and trustworthy.

Helping Your New Cat Get Used To Grooming: Tips For You

When you bring the cat you recently adopted home, it may take the two of you a while to get used to one another. After all, cats are complicated creatures with their own unique quirks and habits, and every cat is a little bit different from any other cat. However, one of the important elements of getting used to one another is ensuring that your cat is comfortable with being groomed.

4 Things Bird Owners Need To Know About Exotic Newcastle Disease

Exotic Newcastle disease, also known as viscerotropic velogenic Newcastle disease, is a serious viral disease that affects most bird species. Here are four things you need to know about exotic Newcastle disease. How do birds contract the virus? The virus responsible for exotic Newcastle disease spreads in many ways. Birds can get sick through direct contact with infected birds, but the virus can also spread through the air, through food and water that are contaminated with feces, or through contaminated surfaces, like cages or toys.

Advice For A First-Time Kitten Owner

When you get a brand new kitten for the first time, you want to make sure you do all you can to keep it healthy and raise it so it doesn't ruin your house. The advice in this article will help you to take good care of your kitten from the start and ensure it has good house manners. Feeding When you bring your new kitten home, you want to establish an eating area for it.

4 Things Parrot Owners Need To Know About Hypertension

You probably know that hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a big problem for people, but you may not know that parrots can develop it, too. As your parrot gets older, they may develop this serious disease. Here are four things parrot owners need to know about hypertension. Why do parrots develop hypertension? Parrots get high blood pressure for the same reasons that people do: poor diets and a lack of exercise.

4 Things Parrot Owners Need To Know About Pacheco's Disease

Parrots are susceptible to many serious diseases, and as a responsible bird owner, you need to be aware of these diseases. One life-threatening disease that your pet may develop is Pacheco's disease, a serious viral illness. Here are four things you need to know about parrots and Pacheco's disease. How does Pacheco's disease spread? Pacheco's disease is caused by the psittacid herpesvirus, a type of herpesvirus that affects parrots, and occasionally, other types of birds such as toucans.

4 Things Bird Owners Need To Know About Air Sac Mites

Pet birds can develop a wide variety of health problems, so you need to be aware of all the things that can go wrong with your pets. One potential problem that can affect birds such as canaries or finches is an infestation of air sac mites. Here are four things that bird owners need to know about air sac mites. What are air sac mites? Air sac mites, known as sternostoma tracheacolum, are parasitic mites that live in the respiratory tract of many types of birds.

Pet Pools: How Can They Rehabilitate Your Injured Dog?

If your beloved dog seriously injures a leg while jumping or running, you may wonder if your pet will ever walk and run again normally. To help pets learn how to cope with life-changing injuries, a number of veterinary hospitals in the United States now use special pet pools to rehabilitate animals. Pet pools provide similar benefits as human pools, which use the power of water to strengthen and rebuild weakened muscles and improve poor reflexes.