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Helping Your Puppy Heal During Ear Cropping Recovery

If you have decided to get your puppy's ears cropped, you need to be ready to help them through the recovery process. Having the veterinarian crop their ears is just the first part and the rest is up to you. There are many things that can go wrong during the recovery time that can ultimately affect the way your puppy's ears look after they are completely healed. The information in this article will help you get your puppy through the healing process in a way that will help you to achieve the best results possible.

Don't let your puppy mess with their ears

Your puppy will be sent home with their ears taped to help guide them in to the proper position. Their ears will itch while they are healing and this will cause your dog to try to scratch their ears and rub them along the ground. Both of these things increase the chances of infection and can cause the tape to come undone. If the tape isn't kept in place, the ears will fall.

Don't let the ears fall

If the veterinarian sends them home in a cone, keep the cone on them at all times when they aren't going to be supervised. The vet will show you how to re-tape their ears and let you know how often to do it. However, if you notice the tape isn't holding up and their ears are starting to fall, tape the ears again even if it isn't on schedule. Otherwise, the ears can take to that fallen position and this means they won't stand straight and tall after healing.

Keep their ears clean

The veterinarian will send your puppy home with medicine and ointment for their ears. Make sure you put the ointment on as directed because it will help to control the itching and prevent an infection. If you have other dogs, don't let your puppy be around them unsupervised while their ears are healing. The other dogs will lick at their ears. This can cause problems when it comes to the stitches staying in place and it increases the chances of your dog getting an infection.

Anytime you have any concerns about how your puppy's ears are healing or if there may be a problem, then you want to call your vet to see if they want you to bring the puppy in to an animal clinic, such as Animal Clinic of Bensonhurst. Make sure you are diligent with the care of your puppy's ears during recovery and you will help them to heal better.