Choosing the Right Vet for Your Pet

Looking At The Benefits Of Acupuncture For Your Arthritic Cat Or Dog

When your cat or dog begins showing signs of aging, you may be saddened to think he or she may soon be gone. However, if your aging pet is dealing with debilitating arthritis, his or her last years can be torturous and painful. If your dog or cat is arthritic and the pain medication prescribed to him or her does not seem to help too much, learn how acupuncture can help not only relieve pain, but also help to restore greater mobility.

Acupuncture Is About More Than Just Pain Relief

Ancient Chinese practitioners believed the life energy force, chi, running throughout a living being can be interrupted. When chi is interrupted, illness and disease follow. Acupuncture is an alternative therapy that uses needles in specific pressure points on the body to realign the chi for restoring stronger immunity, relieving pain and improving organ functionality. Your dog or cat can experience the benefits of acupuncture in the same way as you would for arthritis.

The Primary Reason To Choose Acupuncture

Every living being has an innate ability to heal on its own. Acupuncture can help to fortify your pet's own healing ability, giving it a chance to fight against the free radicals, molecules responsible for aging, causing joint inflammation. When your pet's chi is in proper alignment, his or her immunity is working better, the main protection he or she has against destructive, disease-causing free radical molecules.

Looking At Medication And Acupuncture Treatment Combinations

You may have heard alternative therapies called complimentary treatments. For example, your holistic vet may recommend a pain medication in addition to regular acupuncture sessions, depending on your pet's specific needs. Bear in mind that just because your pet is undergoing alternative animal therapy does not mean the need for pain medication automatically goes away. In some cases, acupuncture therapy can take more than a couple of sessions before your pet can walk without limping or be able to jump on the couch again without your help.

Types Of Acupuncture Therapy

Manual acupuncture is the most commonly used technique. Acupuncture by manual insertion of needles into dry skin can help to realign the chi without any other devices. Other forms of acupuncture you may discuss with your vet include:

  • Moxabustion- An acupuncture technique that uses special herbs like artemisia vulgaris, commonly called mugwort, to heat the needles after they are placed in your pet's skin. Ancient Chinese practitioners believed mugwort also helped to stimulate chi and realign it.
  • Electrical Stimulation- In this technique, special electrodes are attached to the needles and low level electrical stimulation is used to revive the nerves. This technique is useful in animals that have paralysis from severe injury.
  • Aqua-puncture- A technique that uses needles filled with natural medicines for injecting them into strategic areas of the body.

Providing the best medical care for your arthritic pet is important for helping them remain as comfortable and pain free as possible. Discuss with your vet about your pet's option for natural therapies like acupuncture.