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3 Tips To Help Your Dog De-Stress Before A Veterinarian Appointment

Regular veterinarian check-ups are important to ensure that your dog is in good health. However, taking your dog to the vet can be its own workout. Many pets are not too fond of the vet's office. This can be caused by past experiences or they are just not comfortable with being touched in some places. One way to get your dog in a better frame of mind is by helping them de-stress before your veterinary appointment.

Take Them for a Long Run or Walk Beforehand

Exercise is often a great way for humans to release stress and can also be used for dogs. An intense workout releases chemical compounds throughout the body called endorphins. The release of endorphins helps to calm and relax the body. You will get the best results by walking or running with your dog for at least 30 minutes. The exercise should be done within a few hours of your appointment. This will also help to tire out your dog so that they are not as finicky when you get to the vet's office.

Give Your Dog a Massage

Massages do wonders for helping the body relax and relieve tension. A thorough massage can help to put your dog in an extremely relaxed state. In order to get the best results, you should make long strokes down the spine and tail of your dog. This massage should be similar to the way in which you pet your dog except with longer strokes. Try to give your dog a massage right before you leave for your appointment. If your dog is still stressed or nervous when you get to the vet's office, then you can take your dog to a quiet area and begin massaging them in order to calm them down again.

Avoid Displaying Negative Body Language

It might be easier to hide your body language from other human beings, however, dogs and other animals can pick up on it a lot easier. If your dog sees you scared or anxious they will often become scared and anxious. If they notice this behavior each time that you go to the vet, then they will be stressed, scared, and anxious each time there is a vet appointment. Therefore, try your best to avoid showing any types of negative body language.

Going to the vet can be more stressful for some dogs than others. Therefore, use these tips to help alleviate some of that stress from your dog. For more tips, ask a professional like Metzger Animal Hospital.